Friday, 31 October 2014

Jubilee writing

oaklands school had their 50th jubilee on labour weekend this year.I am in year 7.In 50 years time when they have their 100th Jubilee I will be 62.

In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at oaklands school ...

There will be no teachers and we just learn off computers,Ipods,Ipad,tablets etc.I think that there will be no class rooms except for a giant room like a hall.And we do all our learning in there.

There will be no lunch or morning tea because everyone just eats when they are learning.

No one wears a uniform because they never go on school trips and never do sports day.No discos ,No formals,No anything.And that's what I think will happen in the 100th Jubilee. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Goals - 3.4.14

                                 My Goals
My academic goal: I want to get better a probability.
My social: Saying hi to everyone.
My leadership goal: Remember to be on time for                         


WALT:write an explanation
Would you trust a well known company?

 Ergobaby is just one of the companies that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

The Consumer Guarantees Act is there to protect us when purchasing things. 

Now I will explain some of the consumer Consumer Guarantees Act that has been broken in the Ergobaby example.

Fit for propose.
The buckle on the baby carrier could not hold much weight.The reason why it's not fit for purpose is it's not holding your baby or keeping it safe. 

Goods must be of acceptable quality. That means the goods must be up to standard. The baby carrier wasn't up to standard because the buckle wasn't strong enough to the baby and they would fall out and really hurt themselves. 

The retailer lied to the consumer because the retailer said that it was a real Ergobaby carrier.

Consumers have the right to expect the goods that they purchase will be safe.
The effects on the consumer is now not as many people will go to the real Ergobaby shop.

Overall:.In conclusion people should not make fake companies because it has a lot of effect on people.

Friday, 20 June 2014


W.A.L.T:Draw in perspective.
My next step is to not use as much water.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Whales

W.A.L.T: Elaborate on our ideas.

I was squished in my life jacket like a marshmallow squished between two biscuits.

Every time the boat would go over a wave I would go crashing up and falling back down.I was so scared.I thought I would fling of the boat,like a booger getting flicked off someone's finger.

It took awhile to get to the place where all the wales were.But,it was worth it.Then the boat stopped suddenly.I was amazed I blinked a couple of  time's just to make sure this amazing site was real.It turned out it was.The whales were so big they were the biggest thing I have ever seen.The whales were bigger then a dinosaur,I could not believe my eyes.There was a baby whale.Even though the baby whale was two times the size of me.Then there was two more whales they massive,giant,the biggest animal in the world !!! They started to swim away some of the boats followed them but we went back.

As we went back I was thinking in my head wow that was awesome will I ever see that again.As I looked  behind me I new that Marlborough sounds is truly a beautiful place.This summer was the best fun I have ever had.

Next step:Using punctuation to help my story flow.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Making choices

WALT: Use linking sentences to join our paragraphs.

Media,weather,role models these are just some of the things that influence our choices.There are many different decisions that you can make for example,friends,family,time and the law.

The law affects your decisions because.If you wanted to go to the mall and your parents said no and you don't have your drivers license then you wouldn't be able to go.There are many different influences to do with the law.

Family can influence you a lot because your parents are responsible for you.Also if you are a minor/under age.Then they can make the decisions if you can go some where.On top of this influence there are your friends.

Be honest guys friends aren't the best all the time.They can peer pressure you into doing some things you don't want to do e.g smoking,and buying under age things.But friends can also be really good influence.

All of these influences help you make decisions but remember the choice is up to you.

My next step is to:Keep linking paragraphs.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

my goals

                          my goals 

academic- get better at my probability 

social- saying hi to everyone

leadership- be on time for my responsibility 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My maths
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