Friday, 8 May 2015

My Discovery

Our project for My Discovery is "How to jump the perfect High Jump jump"

We have passed Unistructural because we know how to jump high!

How you jump high:

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. If you are right footed you need to spring off your left leg and while you do that raise your right leg and right arm so that your arm will propel upwards and your leg because you have to jump over the bar.

3. Make a scissoring motion with your legs and you should be over.

4. Land on your feet!

5. Run off the mat carefully so you don't knock the bar.

                                             THE END!!!!!!! (^-^)
By Mia, Jackie and Sophie

Maths with Caity, Xanthe, and Sophie

Maths Video

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Panda poem

I live in a zoo,I eat bamboo,especially in front of  you.If you don't already know who I am,I'm black and white and my name is panda koo.I love my life, it is so awesome too. I am fuzzy, fluffy and I'm especially feisty don't get to close.

I used rhyme in my poem so that it would make it interesting.
I used rhythm so there was a beat to it
I used alliteration to make it sound fun

SOLO. The solo level I think I reached was relational because I only know some of the language features that I can use in my own poem