Thursday, 3 July 2014


WALT:write an explanation
Would you trust a well known company?

 Ergobaby is just one of the companies that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

The Consumer Guarantees Act is there to protect us when purchasing things. 

Now I will explain some of the consumer Consumer Guarantees Act that has been broken in the Ergobaby example.

Fit for propose.
The buckle on the baby carrier could not hold much weight.The reason why it's not fit for purpose is it's not holding your baby or keeping it safe. 

Goods must be of acceptable quality. That means the goods must be up to standard. The baby carrier wasn't up to standard because the buckle wasn't strong enough to the baby and they would fall out and really hurt themselves. 

The retailer lied to the consumer because the retailer said that it was a real Ergobaby carrier.

Consumers have the right to expect the goods that they purchase will be safe.
The effects on the consumer is now not as many people will go to the real Ergobaby shop.

Overall:.In conclusion people should not make fake companies because it has a lot of effect on people.

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