Friday, 30 May 2014

The Whales

W.A.L.T: Elaborate on our ideas.

I was squished in my life jacket like a marshmallow squished between two biscuits.

Every time the boat would go over a wave I would go crashing up and falling back down.I was so scared.I thought I would fling of the boat,like a booger getting flicked off someone's finger.

It took awhile to get to the place where all the wales were.But,it was worth it.Then the boat stopped suddenly.I was amazed I blinked a couple of  time's just to make sure this amazing site was real.It turned out it was.The whales were so big they were the biggest thing I have ever seen.The whales were bigger then a dinosaur,I could not believe my eyes.There was a baby whale.Even though the baby whale was two times the size of me.Then there was two more whales they massive,giant,the biggest animal in the world !!! They started to swim away some of the boats followed them but we went back.

As we went back I was thinking in my head wow that was awesome will I ever see that again.As I looked  behind me I new that Marlborough sounds is truly a beautiful place.This summer was the best fun I have ever had.

Next step:Using punctuation to help my story flow.

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