Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Making choices

WALT: Use linking sentences to join our paragraphs.

Media,weather,role models these are just some of the things that influence our choices.There are many different decisions that you can make for example,friends,family,time and the law.

The law affects your decisions because.If you wanted to go to the mall and your parents said no and you don't have your drivers license then you wouldn't be able to go.There are many different influences to do with the law.

Family can influence you a lot because your parents are responsible for you.Also if you are a minor/under age.Then they can make the decisions if you can go some where.On top of this influence there are your friends.

Be honest guys friends aren't the best all the time.They can peer pressure you into doing some things you don't want to do e.g smoking,and buying under age things.But friends can also be really good influence.

All of these influences help you make decisions but remember the choice is up to you.

My next step is to:Keep linking paragraphs.

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